Claiming a casino bonus is a simple and straightforward process

Claiming a casino bonus is a simple and straightforward process

Sign up for a casino, or log into your account. When you visit the Cashier to make a deposit using one of their casino banking methods, you may be asked to input casino bonus codes, or choose the bonus you wish to claim from a dropdown menu. Depending on the casino and the type of bonus, you may be able to claim a bonus more than once. However, casinos generally don’t allow you to stack bonuses on top of each other; you’ll have to claim them and use just one at a time.

Since bonuses involve depositing money of your own, they are only available at real money casinos, including low deposit casinos. They can be claimed both on desktop and at mobile casinos.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is typically the first casino bonus that casino welcome bonuses a player will claim. Usually the largest bonus that a casino offers, it’s meant to encourage players to sign up at a casino and start playing. The majority of welcome bonuses are match bonuses, meaning that their value depends on how much you choose to deposit. Due to this, it’s not unusual to see casinos offering welcome bonuses up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Welcome bonuses may also have other conditions applied to them, such as being broken up over a certain number of deposits, or the funds available through them having an expiry date. Since they are meant to start new players off on the right foot at a casino, they can only be claimed once.

Match Bonus

The majority of casino bonuses offered to players are match bonuses. When you claim a match bonus and make a deposit, the casino will match the amount of your deposit by a certain amount; larger deposits mean a larger contribution from the casino towards your account balance.

Since match bonus amounts are based on how much you want to deposit, they allow for a lot of flexibility. If you only want to deposit $20, for example, you can still get a bit of extra money in your account. However, there are two big disadvantages when it comes to match bonuses; while extra money is extra money, the amount of the match can fluctuate pretty wildly depending on the casino and the individual promotion. Similarly, there is typically a maximum amount of money that you are able to claim, regardless of how much you choose to deposit.

Free Spins Bonus

Another incredibly common type of casino bonus is the free spins bonus. Claiming one of these bonuses will earn you a certain amount of free spins on specific online slots. Sometimes, you may be able to choose from a small group of machines to use your free spins on. Similar to match bonuses, these bonuses can scale up; for a higher deposit, a greater number of free spins might be available.

Free spins bonuses are a great value, and they have the added advantage of letting you try out new games. However, they’re not particularly useful if you don’t play or are not interested in slots.

No-Deposit Bonus

The rarest of the casino bonuses, no-deposit bonuses are bonuses that you don’t have to make a deposit to claim. They are typically used as an incentive to draw players into a casino, or as a reward for long-time players. While not having to make a deposit – effectively receiving free money to play – sounds like a good deal, there are quite a few strings attached.

No-deposit bonuses are never for a large amount of money, usually being offered somewhere around $50. They also typically have withdrawal limits applied to them, being that there is a limit to how much you can withdraw from your bonus winnings in total. Even if you win $150 with a no-deposit bonus, you may only be able to withdraw $100.

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