Himeko Inaba ( c??e‘‰ a§«a­? , Inaba Himeko ) is among the primary characters of Kokoro Connect series

Himeko Inaba ( c??e‘‰ a§«a­? , Inaba Himeko ) is among the primary characters of Kokoro Connect series

Throughout the basic four quantities, she’s the vice president with the scholar Cultural culture andA a classmate of Taichi Yaegashi and Iori Nagase. She’s remarkably competent at accumulating and analyzing information, and, thus, knows lots of private facts about the girl guy pub people. Although she’s calm and rational, Inaba provides an arduous times managing awkward scenarios and does not fancy things to step out of the girl controls.A


Inaba was an extremely pretty female with shoulder-length black colored locks that contains one string falling at the center and brown attention. Unlike the vast majority of various other girls whose consistent sweaters include colored yellow, her uniform sweater is actually brown. Inside her informal clothing, she actually is normally referred to as sporting something mature or plain. Inaba might observed to have close position with a slim, yet long figure and her attention is described as being piercing, yet captivating.


With a short-temper and meet24 an attitude for problems, Inaba is very easily the absolute most fickle member of the societal nightclub. She will need vulgar language and speaks with male expressions so that you can maintain an effective looks. She dislikes her provided identity (Himeko) since it implies “princess son or daughter” in Japanese, which makes her seem weakened like a kid just who needs to be cared for.

Despite the girl rough border, Inaba is extremely considerate of this lady fellow pub customers; constantly taking care of everybody’s desires, and, though she does not desire reveal they, Inaba greatly treasures the lady pals and would-be happy to compromise her very own pleasure keeping the party along. Whenever working with a problem, Inaba generally decides to bring a rather direct method of solve it, that makes it difficult on her to cope with fine issues. Inaba normally a naturally distrustful people and stresses constantly concerning harmful outcomes of each event.

Behind this lady top of arrogance and self-assurance, Inaba seems to possess really low self-respect. This can be largely related to this lady distrustful nature and personal awkwardness, defects that she acknowledges she has but cannot take. Considering the woman cooler individuality, it seems that Inaba cannot interact socially with others outside the StuCS. The woman is most enigmatic and is also also defined by their other pub members as some one mystical because she does not choose show reasons for by herself. But after online dating Taichi Yaegashi, she turns out to be somewhat considerably open, but the woman is also at risk of getting jealous whenever various other women communicate with your.

Because she’s thinking about information comparison and logistics, Inaba intends to concentrate on technology training and, someday, attend a college to higher realize Heartseed. By this lady next 12 months, Inaba chooses to big in engineering at a university, and specialize in electronic devices and I . t.

Trick Difficulties

Inaba possess fantastic issues trusting others, and, simply because they hold the power to possibly betray and harm their, this may involve her company. Rather than from some sort of upheaval or childhood catastrophe, Inaba states happen created with this specific problem and also perhaps not had the oppertunity to believe other people this lady lifetime. Despite hating this element of by herself, Inaba cannot help but imagine people as prospective foes, despite. [1] it has induce Inaba creating an extremely bad graphics of by herself and contains provided to the lady former isolation before joining the StuCS. Over the course of the series, Inaba slowly removes her protective walls and slowly finds out to love and trust her pals unconditionally.

Afterwards, Inaba begins to see opening to the lady pals provides gradually made her weakened than she had previously been hence she’s started very depending on the strength of other people as opposed to her very own.

Background Record

Talented in pc usage, also knowing how to construct computers and employ macro development,A Inaba initially joined up with the Computer nightclub, but remaining because of a quarrel utilizing the club’s president. Thus, Inaba wound-up assisting set up the Student Cultural culture, becoming their vp best as a result of winning a rock-paper-scissors games against Iori Nagase.

Before twelfth grade, Inaba never ever had any true friendships and promises the StuCS are the lady first genuine family. As previously mentioned in a crisis CD included with the Kako Random blu-ray, as a kid, Inaba used to explore the girl supposed “friends” in the discontinued building the StuCS were residing in. Throughout that time, they buried a time tablet that contained their desires and Inaba typed that she need genuine buddies whenever she was raised. Upon retrieving the girl desire, Inaba chose to split in the paper, also embarrassed to share they with the rest associated with StuCS.

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