4. She keeps hoping that you will have changed, but you haven’t

4. She keeps hoping that you will have changed, but you haven’t

Of course, on other days she might only be thinking about all the things about him that turned her off (e.g. he was too smothering and needy, he lacked confidence in himself around her and others, he didn’t know how to keep creating a relationship dynamic between them that would make her want to treat him well, be attentive, loving and affectionate towards him).

This causes her to think things like, “What was I thinking! Why did I ever unblock him? He’s all wrong for me.”

Naturally, this might leave a guy feeling confused and asking “Why does my ex girlfriend keep blocking and unblocking me?”

If he reacts in any of those ways, he will fail her test and prove to her that he’s not really the man she wants to be in a relationship with

In many cases, the answer to that question is: She’s not 100% sure if she should move on and find another guy, or if she should give him one more chance.

As a result, she keeps blocking and unblocking him in the hope that he will do something definitive to help her decide which way to go (e.g. he either behaves so badly that she loses so much respect for him that she never wants to talk to him again, or he re-attracts her in the ways that she wants so she gives him another chance).

A woman will sometimes break up with a guy because certain aspects of his thinking and behavior are turning her off (e.g. how he sees her as the leader of the relationship and is hoping for her to guide and support him through life, how he’s unable to pass her simple confidence tests, how he’s unsure of himself around her and other people).

She will then take steps to fully cut him out of her life so she can get over him and move on.

If he then contacts her and turns her off by behaving in unattractive ways (e.g. he’s too nervous and insecure around her, gives her too much power over him, is too nice and neutral with her), she then changes her mind again and starts thinking things like, “This was a mistake! I should have trusted my instincts to break up with him. Clearly he’s not the right guy for me after all.”

5. She’s testing to see how you will react

Sometimes a woman might feel unsure about whether she made the right decision to break up with her guy or not.

So, to put her mind to rest, she might decide to test her guy to establish once and for all if he’s the right guy for her.

Essentially, she wants to see how emotionally strong he really is, based on his reactions when she messes with him by constantly blocking and unblocking him.

  • Is he going to get upset and start doubting his chances with her?
  • Will he get annoyed with her and lose control of his emotions (e.g. he gets angry, shouts at her, calls her names)?
  • Will he just give up and walk away?
  • Will he beg and plead with her to stop messing with his feelings?
  • Will he try to be extra nice to her so that she will stop doing what she’s doing?

If your ex girlfriend keeps blocking and unblocking you, the best way to handle that is by maintaining your confidence and not letting it get to you.

Just get on with your life and focus on pursuing your eros escort Chico CA own goals and interests and having fun with or without her.

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