Therefore, places like malls, clubs, universities and private residences are your best bet for finding a date

Therefore, places like malls, clubs, universities and private residences are your best bet for finding a date

Sao Paulo is not known for its natural beauty; quite the opposite – it’s a busy city where the main priority is money.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the people don’t like to cut back and have some fun once in a while, but due to the lack of natural attractions and volume of crime, all of the fun is best had inside the security of buildings

If you are looking for a student vibe or a chance to hook up with a university scholar, there are a few campuses which you can visit. You do not necessarily have to go into the university grounds, as there are plenty of clubs, restaurants and cafes that students naturally gravitate towards try your hand at meeting a few girls there. Alternatively, this also provides an excellent place to meet a Brazilian wingman. The answer is fairly simple: get out there and start talking. The names of the best universities to visit will be listed in the following section.

Malls are definitely a great way to meet women. Like any other mall in the world, it attracts large crowds of people, so there is opportunity everywhere. Also, malls should have certain attractions for you to use to your advantage. If her English is not so good, you can try going to an arcade or catch a movie at the cinema; there are quite a few ways to make her more comfortable around you and have fun at a mall. You can end off a date with a dinner at a restaurant or check out the nightlife scene.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can also try theme parks. These locations are filled with adrenaline-inducing contraptions and a lot of young people are looking for a good time. So, if this excites you, it’s definitely worth a try. You will definitely run into lots of attractive girls. You can talk to them, a smile and a friendly face goes a long way. The best theme parks to visit will be listed in the following sections.

In a city that is filled with tall buildings and, often times, an array of grey, depressing structures, natural parks can be a haven for some. This often attracts joggers, people looking to take a break from the everyday scenery and families. Generally, you will find some nice girls whom you can approach, so it is definitely worth a shot. Try not to appear as if you are stalking. Be open and honest; if you see a nice girl, don’t stare at her for a few minutes, rather approach her straight away.

The fitness culture is big in Sao Paulo, and the city is home to wing dating website some of the nicest gyms in the world. in fact, Brazil is second, only to the USA, on the list of countries that have the most gyms. If you happen to be the athletic type and you’re looking to flex a bit of muscle, the gym is definitely a place to meet a girl. You also have the advantage of being in a secure location, so that takes the edge off of a lot of the girls. Again, be direct, talk to them and if the attraction is reciprocated, ask her out.

Remember, it is still outdoors, which makes girls slightly wary of strangers

Your chances of picking up a girl during the day are pretty good. It’s a simple matter of picking the right location. Some locations, such as the train station and other public venues may even have lots of girls, but the risk of crime is so high that they may not want to speak to you much. Instead, look for safe environments in which to pick up girls; you’ll have a lot more success.

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